Workshop Descriptions

SATURDAY 6th December

11-11:40 am Jalam Teas - Workshop Puerh 101
-introduce Puerh, the region, the growers and history
-how it is made and why 
-what is the difference between green and black puerh (--> fermentation process).
-how to break a cake and prepare the tea

12pm New World Teas with Susan Peters


2-2:40 pm Tea Tasting by Daniel Tremblay
During this workshop, Daniel Tremblay of the Cha Yi teahouse will make you travel with him, with pictures and flavors, on the road of terroir teas. He will present the exciting job of the tea importer, the basics of the art of tea tasting and an overview of the different tea producing regions and their specialties. Finally, you will savor a few teas produced by some of his favorite artisans.

4:00pm Tea and Chocolate Pairing with Kimiko Uriu


SUNDAY 7th December

11:00 am - Personalized Ayurvedic Health Recommendation

1-1:40 pm Direct Tea Trade by Elyse Petersen
Learn how to build direct trade relationships with tea producers, even as a consumer. Not only is direct trade business good for sustainability of the tea industry it also yields higher quality tea. This session will cover the definitions of direct trade and provide insight into the status quo of the tea industry, including certifications such as Fair Trade and Organic.

4-4:50 pm Your Brain on Tea by Michelle Pierce Hamilton
We all know tea contains healthful antioxidants but do you know about the “unsung hero” nutrient, L-Theanine? Join Nutritionist and certified Tea Sommelier Michelle Pierce Hamilton to explore the amazing power of this little known amino acid and how in conjunction with other nutrients, it benefits and even heals your brain!

4:40 pm Matcha Whisking Workshop with Kimiko Uriu


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