Exhibitor List


Kimicha Tea

Epoch Times

Tea Association Canada 

Tea Store

Maple Valley Tea

Nutty Greek Bake Shop

Ottawa Turkish Festival & Intercultural Dialogue

Harvest Honey

Special Moments Tea

Yummy Cookies

Meridian Credit Union

Embassy of Indonesia

Algonquin Tea

Steeped Tea Inc

Cuisine Santé

Zhen Tea

Special Moments Tea

Carolina's Box of Goodness

Fibres of Life

Maple Valley Tea World

Upkeep Shoppe

Basilur Tea

The Smoque Shack

Green Papaya

Chayi Tea House

Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Grassroots Multimedia

Jalam Teas

Mambo & Kinki Restaurants

Mr Churritos

The Tea Party

Kaashi Food Centre

Fogo Creations

Divine Ayurveda 


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General Enquiries:

c. (613) 612-5464




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Ottawa Tea Festival Office

118A Preston St.,
Ottawa, ON, K1R 7P2
Tel: (613) 712-0453

We are in and out of the office, please call ahead.

Tea Trivia

Did you know, that only two cups of Black tea are equivalent to the anti-oxidants in one glass of red wine, seven glasses of orange juice, or 20 glasses of apple juice. Find out more at 

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Tea Production!
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